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Scope Management is considered to be the most important project critical success factor. The failure to properly manage scope may result in cost overruns and schedule slippage.

Scope Management begins with a clearly stated, communicated and documented project description set of project objectives and project deliverables. The scope description is included in the Scope Document.

 Managing scope includes a continuous review of project plans and activities as compared to the definition contained within the Scope Document. And when scope changes surface, a process to manage these occurrences must be rigorously followed.

The following outlines a common used change control process:


Purpose –  To provide a uniform entry into the change request process and to maintain current records on each change control item.

Roles & Responsibilities –  Any ITS and project team member can identify a change control item. The Project Manager should conduct the initial review of change control item and assign a project resource to complete cost/benefit analysis, then update the Change Control Database.

Process Definition –  The change identification and initiation process begins with the documentation of a potential change on a Change Request form. Specific change control information is provided to the Project Manager for a decision as to whether it is a legitimate change. If it is considered a legitimate change it should move into the impact assessment process. During this process, those requesting the change will be kept informed of the status.


Purpose – To provide a uniform entry into the change request process and to maintain current records on each change control item.

Roles & Responsibilities  – Assigned team members will provide estimates of the effort and benefits. The Project Manager should assess the impact (cost, time, and benefits) of any change in services, and submit the change request for approval to the appropriate management level. Then finally update to the Change Control Database.

Process Definition – The assigned resources will assess the impact on the implementation. The Project Manager will determine if a benefit analysis is needed and make the appropriate assignments. The Project Manager will evaluate the cost/benefit and impact on the schedule and determine who needs to approve the change request. The Project Manager will prepare the appropriate document to be submitted to management for approval.


Purpose – To provide a timely and orderly process for obtaining management’s decision on whether a Change Request should or should not be implemented.

Roles and Responsibilities – The Project Manager determines if the change needs to be submitted to management for approval. The change request can be approved at the discretion of the project manager If the change can be accommodated within schedule and budget. If a higher level approval is required the project owner will secure those approvals, whether it is the project sponsor or management committee.

Process Definition – The first step in the process ensures that the information forwarded to management is complete and has the quality required. The project manager will deliver the change request to the project owner for his/her immediate attention. If the change request requires a higher level of approval the project owner will forward the change request to the project sponsor. If approval level is beyond the project sponsor then the project sponsor will bring the request to management committee for approval. The project sponsor will inform the project owner of the decision, who will in turn inform the project manager.


 Purpose – To provide a timely and orderly process for implementing approved Change Requests.

 Roles and Responsibilities – The project manager will schedule changes in the project plan and assigns resources to complete the change request. The project manager then updates appropriate budget cost tracking tools with the changes. The assigned team members will complete the approved changes as scheduled.

Process Definition – The Project Manager ensures that the project management tools are updated and that the changes are completed.

Once again I hopethis sheds some light on the change control process. Comments and feedback are welcomed.





  1. Hi Craig,
    Just discovered your blog… Nice work.

    We have a question and answer page on the related subject of project managed as change requests here:

    Would be great to have your contribution on the site.
    Hope it is interesting for you.

    Best regards,

    • Hey Steve, I will be checking out your Q&A page and would be only too happy make any contribution I can. I have been very busy recently moving into a new role which has limited my time to update my blog. I am hoping to get back at that very soon. Thanks for your invite, hope to chat again soon


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